Puerto Madero is the perfect combination of nature and state-of-the-art architecture. With its privileged location a few minutes’ walk from the city’s financial center, Madero Riverside’s class A offices epitomizes the exclusivity that distinguishes this area.


Overlooking the Río de la Plata and surrounded by docks, Puerto Madero denotes the new trends in architecture and urbanism, the charm of its natural surrounding and a vast array of services, all in one place. Its easy access and proximity to Buenos Aires’ financial center, makes this place a harmonious fusion of Buenos Aires’ intensity and its natural environment.

Madero Riverside is located at 255 Cecilia Grierson Boulevard, the northernmost part of dock IV in Puerto Madero, with wonderful panoramic views over the river, docks and the city of Buenos Aires.
With fast and easy access from a wide array of transportation options: trains, subways and buses and proximity to hotels, apartments and restaurants.
• 300 m. from Leandro N. Alem Ave. that connects the North and South of Buenos Aires.
• 300 m. from City-sponsored bicycle systems.
• In close proximity to the Retiro train and bus transportation hub.


Madero Riverside is a development of RAGHSA with the emblematic architectural design of Mario Roberto Álvarez & Associates. This class A building has the latest technology and consists of 8 stories of 1,411 sqm each, all with panoramic views and flexible floor plates, a 3,634 sqm with ample natural light; all with the latest technology. Additionally, the building has 275 parking spaces situated in two basements, totaling 16,500 sqm of rentable area.

Madero Riverside was designed and built to the highest international standards, with a strong emphasis on environmental care.

Power system: in case of power failure, three 500KW backup generators facilitates continuous power supply of 100% of the consumption of the building, without limitations on the operating time* .

HVAC System: Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) is an environmentally conscious solution that provides maximum comfort and flexibility for different layout types.

Fire detection, warning and extinction: this system has been designed according to NFPA regulations (USA National Fire Protection Association).

The building has an intelligent fire detection and audio visual alarm system with detectors distributed over and under the hung ceilings. The system has automated sprinklers, extinguishers and hoses in all the floors, all tied to a central fire alarm system.

Building Management System (BMS): This system centrally monitors and operates Madero Riverside’s air conditioning, electrical, sanitary and ventilation systems. Additionally, it interacts with the fire and safety, security and communications systems of the building.

Access control and security: The Building Management System’s controls both pedestrian and vehicular access through magnetic cards. The building is monitored by Closed Circuit TV System cameras (CCTV), located throughout the building. Both systems are connected to a security bunker and interact with the intelligent control and fire detection systems.
*The building's power system is equipped for_occupants who plan on certifying datacenters according to Tier 2 standards of the Uptime Institute ®.


Madero Riverside has a view of the river from the most sophisticated point of the port of Buenos Aires coast. There, where the sun rises and the great city invites you to move forward and discover new horizons.






Madero Riverside was designed to reduce waste and contaminant emissions to a minimum and to save energy and water, thus improving the quality of life of its residents and the city.


RAGHSA is a Real Estate development company with a track record of over 51 years of constructing quality, building trends and developing concepts that innovate and fulfill the needs of both our national and international clientele. A highly skilled team of professionals meticulously select challenging developments and developing them in a prudent financial fashion.